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The objective of this research is to clarify, explain and put together in a comprehensive regime a wide variety of diverse rules of parallel and occasionally conflicting scope for immediate practical use in an area of absolute priority in the international and domestic scene. The subject-matter is highly topical and the final product will be awaited by a wider community of scholars and law practitioners to serve as an analytical tool in designing and executing policy decisions for the future. The area of international energy law remains unexplored. Although there is extensive research on law-ofthe-sea issues and environmental law concerns, their interrelation with the offshore energy production and transport requirements is lacking, a gap that becomes evident today when increased attention is paid to offshore energy projects. This research is a major innovation in the field, contributing to the development of an emerging area with increased practical importance. The highly complex, specialized and fragmented nature of the applicable regimes requires meticulous planning, which will be allocated in 6 interrelated and interacting work packages, running in parallel. The proposed methodology assures the achievement of our overall objective while paying particular attention to the specifics of each research area and the smooth progress to their final integration towards the envisioned comprehensive analysis of the legal regime of offshore energy. The work packages were structured by taking into account the relevant expertise required but also the team complimentary skills in order to optimize the final objective of the project. In addition, the team members will engage in dissemination exercises, presenting initial findings in international conferences with a view to acquire feedback from colleagues. The final product will be presented in an international conference in Athens with invited experts and published in a volume by a reputable international law publisher.